Facts About Omega 3 Fish Supplements for Cardiology

Omega 3 fatty acids are a vital part of human growth and development. Omega-3 has been proven to support healthy development of the brain, eyes and nerves. Recently, research has proven the added benefits for heart health. It has been found that omega-3 can help to lower blood triglycerides blood pressure. Omega-3 can be obtained from food sources such as cold water fatty fish, flaxseed or in supplement form.

Fish Oil Supplements

Omega 3 fish oil capsules are available over the counter or by prescription. This oil is manufactured from various kinds of fish such as salmon, mackerel, tuna and halibut. This oil capsules may also contain vitamin E, B, C and D as well as many other vitamins and minerals. This oil available by prescription is regulated by the Federal Drug and Food Administration and does not contain mercury.

Enteric Coated Fish Oil

Omega-3 fish oil can also come in enteric coated caplet form. This allows the capsule to be metabolized further down the intestinal track and can reduce the chance of experiencing a fishy aftertaste or having “fish” breath. This form of oil has the same benefits as the regular fish oil, but without the unpleasant fishy taste.

Omega-3 Shakes and Snack Bars

For busy people, drinking an omega-3 shake is convenient way to get their daily recommended dose of omega-3. The omega-3 comes in the form of a powder and is usually flavored so it does not have a fishy aftertaste. The most common flavors are chocolate and vanilla. The powder is water-soluble and can be mixed with water or milk. Another great option for someone on the go is an omega-3 snack bar. These bars are blended with puffed rice, chocolate and vanilla. Both can be found in vitamin and health stores.


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